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  • “[C] is thriving at [her school-of-choice]! I meant to tell you that the Admissions person told her “she wrote her way into school” with her app essay. Many thanks. Now it’s time for her younger sister to start SAT in your shop.” [Dad, HCRHS, 8/15]
  • “[L’s] March SAT scores brought her up 380 points from the initial assessment. She is very excited that she achieved her goal of breaking the 2100 mark. Best wishes and thank you again for all of the support! [Mom, HCRHS, 4/15]
  • “Next Friday is his last session with you. It went by fast! You really earned his respect, which is a supreme challenge with [A]. Thank you once again for your dedication and support with both of my children! ” [Mom, NHRHS, 10/14]
  • “I wanted to take the time to thank you. We have definitely seen an improvement in [K’s] grades at school! Most importantly, he no longer sees school work as an obstacle he cannot overcome. Thank you for the positive changes in not only his grades but also his attitude towards learning. We plan on continuing with tutoring and SAT prep with you. ” [Mom & Dad, NHRHS, 10/14]
  • “Reid – Thought you would want to know that [E’s] second attempt at the SAT resulted in 2110 total with a 760 in Math! My heartfelt thanks to you and your fabulous tutors.” [The Mom – HCRHS]
  • “Sam got into Drexel’s Honors Program, 5 year Master’s and was offered $17,800/year for all five years. Whoo-Hoo!” [The Mom – Immaculata H.S.]
  • “[She] got into Pitt Honors and received guaranteed admittance into their Physical Therapy graduate school program, which is ranked 3rd in the country. Again, great job!” [Mom, HCRHS, 10/13]
  • “Reid, we’re completely thrilled with your [study skills] program and with Laura. It is great that you teach proper study skills these days, especially when time management is so critical. This was a great partnership. Laura brought a little something extra to the equation that enhanced her experience. I am almost certain she will be able to apply virtually everything she learned to her studies now and in her college endeavors. Thanks again.” [Mom, HCRHS, 9/13]


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Entering our 10th year here in Flemington, having served more than 1,000 Hunterdon families, we have reason to believe that our individualizded approach and our well-honed techniques work best!  This, from earlier 2017:  

"Hi, Reid.  We found out Monday that Paul was accepted at TCNJ, the most competitive school to which he applied.  He has been accepted to 7 of the 8 schools to which he applied and is just waiting to hear from Rutgers.  He was offered significant scholarships at several of the schools.  Thanks, again!  The tutoring was one of the best investments we've made.  We'll see you again with our younger son and daughter ... we've already told them that North Star is a must!"  Susan Buckley  (HCRHS)   

And this:

"[J] scored a perfect 800 on the Math.  He's headed to his first choice, U.Penn/Engineering!"  (NHRHS).

And this, among dozens more:  

"Patrick obtained a 31 [up 4 on the ACT!], getting a near perfect score in English and Reading....I am truly impressed with your services and all your tutors.  My daughter was tutored for the SATs at NorthStarr as well and got the scores she needed to get into the college of her choice.  I have and will continue to recommend NorthStar to anyone looking for help with SATs/Acts."  Paula Hazard  (HCRHS)   



  • Individualized Study Skills:  reading comprehension, organization, time management, note-taking  
  • Certified in Assistive Technology - all 3 levels
  • All mainstream subjects, middle through h.s.
  • Language Arts, Math, Sciences, Latin, Spanish, German
  • Grade rescue featuring Math Basics/Recovery
  • English Composition
  • Essay Writing (specific styles and formats from early Language Arts to College Apps)


  • SAT, PSAT, ACT  
  • ISEE/SSAT  (100% acceptance rate so far.) 


  • Applications and College Essays: proven results!
  • Independent NACAC Counseling on-site, here in the NorthStar center 

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